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Of the 320 articles, 17 sections, and 9 annexes that makes up the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS, only a single article of a 104 words deals with water in its frozen state, despite the fact that sea and Polar ice make up 2% of the world’s oceans. This COLD CASE examines the changing thermal dynamics that are redrawing the ‘natural’ ice edge floes, which in turn are redefining sovereignty claims as well as opening up new transportation networks and ever-greater access to resources in the North. In exploring Article 234, the COLD CASE also confronts the geo-political imaginary of UNCLOS and its privileging of water that flows, especially as its relates to security, navigation, and commerce; priorities that re-inscribe existing colonial relations into ice.

Video will be available March 2022


LOCATION  Montego Bay, Jamaica
DATE  Adopted 10 December 1982 & entered into force in 16 November 1994