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This COLD CASE examines the practice in Canadian policing known as “starlight tours” which involved dropping Indigenous people taken into custody in remote areas, resulting in exposure, hypothermia, and freezing death. Admission to abandonment as a shadow operation of policing has been vigorously denied and disciplinary action and accountability remains infrequent and is at best significantly delayed. Yet the pattern and practice of “starlight tours” has unfolded across cities and rural communities in Canada for decades. When authorities were forced to confront the outcomes of inquiries and commissions, denial and indifference on the part of those implicated was the norm. COLD CASES discussed include Neil Stonechild, Frank Joseph Paul, Lloyd Joseph Dustyhorn, Darrell Night, Rodney Naistus, Lawrence Kim Wegner, Robert & Joel Houle, and recent reports from Val-d'Or, Quebec.


TEMPERATURE RANGE  2 ° to -24 ° Celsius
Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver, Val-d’Or, Canada
DATES  1976-2015

Excerpt from video (31:55 mins), Susan Schuppli with Forensic Architecture / Omar Ferwati, Nicholas Masterton, 2021