COLD CASES an atlas of global events

The “politics of cold” has a global reach and includes many other contexts in which humanitarian issues and low temperatures interact often resulting in violations and harm, but also new forms of sociality and solidarity.

︎︎︎ News: Migrants allegedly forced back to Turkey by Greece found frozen to death, 04.12.2018

︎︎︎ News: Melting snow exposes bodies of 25 migrants who froze to death on Turkish-Iraqi border, 23.07.2019

︎︎︎ News: Six migrants die of exposure in Turkish-Greek border region, 11.12.2019
︎︎︎ News: InfoMigrants / Danger at high altitude: Migrant routes in the Alps ︎︎︎ NGO: Amnestty International / Briançon 7 on trial in France for assisting migrants in the Alps, 26.05.2021
︎︎︎ UNHCR: Below Zero / Winter emergency in Syrian refugee camps
︎︎︎ News: ‘We have to try’: the migrants who brave frostbite in a desperate trek over the Alps  / The Guardian, 16.02.2019
︎︎︎ NGO: InfoMigrants /  Danger at high altitude: Migrant routes in the Alps 
︎︎︎ NGO: Missing Migrants / Migrants Die of Hypothermia Off Lampedusa as Smuggling Season Gets Underway
︎︎︎ News:  Refugees dying from hypothermia as deadly Mediterranean boat crossings continue into winter / The Independent, 09.12.2016
︎︎︎ Legal: Senate Report on CIA Torture / Water Dousing (the use of cold water & ice baths), 09.12.2014
︎︎︎ Project: Al Madhafah / The Living Room in Boden by Sandi Hilal (DAAR) & Yasmeen Mahmoud and Ibrahim Muhammad Haj Abdullah.Syrian refugees have been located to Boden, a former military town located in northern Sweden, 80 kilometers from the arctic circle.

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