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This COLD CASE is inspired by the 2005 legal petition—Seeking Relief From Violations Resulting from Global Warming Caused By Acts and Omissions of the United States—submitted by Inuk activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier and sixty-two Inuit to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. For communities living in the Arctic, especially Indigenous people, warming has brought about a range of transformations in modes of existence and the life-worlds upon which their very survival depends. The “right to be cold” as the petition came to be known, was summarily dismissed by the IACHR. In revisiting this provocative demand and subsequent petitions, the COLD CASE underscores our very inseparability with the environments in which we are all enfolded. Cold politics demands an engagement with a ‘climatic’ sense of justice rather than a partitioning of rights.

Video will be available March 2022


TEMPERATURE  Rising at twice the global annual average
Canadian & US Arctic regions
DATE  Petition filed 7 December 2005